A panoramic dental X-ray image in Minsk without preliminary appointments and waiting in queues

A sufficient number of patient messages begins with the question: where can I have a X-ray made? Since the image is a photo in your “dental passport”, according to which we can objectively assess the problem and offer a solution.

In recent years, a new method – digital radiography – has appeared in the diagnostic radiology. Advantages of digital radiography include a significant reduction of radiation exposure (in dozens of times), and data archiving. Digital radiography has become the leading technique in diagnostic radiology these days.

The examination is performed using orthopantomograph – most advanced X-ray equipment with low radiation exposure. As a result, we have a digital image of all teeth, maxillofacial joints, nasal sinuses and cranial bones.

Our clinic offers you a full-mouth X-ray or periapical dental X-ray without any appointments and waiting in line. Before the procedure, you must take all metal objects (chains, baptismal cross, earrings, dentures, hairpins, glasses) off. All these objects interfere with the passage of the x-ray and make the image inaccurate. A special protective lead apron must be worn on the chest area.

We use Planmeca’s (Finland) imaging unit as of 2017 for the digital X-ray diagnostics. The periapical X-ray are made on the Explor-X-70 manufactured by an Italian company. The whole examination is performed in the upright position.



Then the patient, as directed by a doctor, stands inside the X-ray unit, clenches a plastic label with a disposable cover in his mouth and presses him-/herself against the plate. It is very important for the label to be strictly centered. The patient is then asked to hold on to the handrails on the orthopantomograph in order to stay stable during the X-ray examination. During the examination, the X-ray module and irradiator will rotate around the patient’s head without touching it. It takes 15-20 seconds. During this period it is important not to move and stay straight-backed.


After the panoramic survey, the doctor will ask the patient to wait a little until the processing and initial reviewing of the image ends. It is important for the radiologist to make sure that a sharp panoramic image was obtained, and there is no need to repeat the procedure. The finished image is printed on the photo paper.


Attention! You can undergo X-ray examination only if you have a referral from your doctor (these are the requirements of the Ministry of Health). If you need a X-ray, please contact us by phone +375 29 252 57 30, via Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp +375 29 252 57 62.

X-Ray room operation time: daily from 09:00 to 20:00. Patients can undergo the procedure without any appointment on a first-come-first-served basis. The price of the full-mouth X-ray printed on photo paper is 5 USD, of an periapical X-ray (of one tooth) – 3 USD.

All images remain deposited in the archives of the clinic in digital form.



Information for foreign patients

It would be better for foreign patients to have a X-ray made at the place of residence. This will allow them to plan their treatment in Minsk in terms of its duration and costs in advance. And during the pre-treatment period it is crucially important for the patient to choose the right X-ray image.

The X-ray film is the worst choice. This image is not suitable for analysis. An image printed on paper should be scanned or snapped on a mobile phone. Scanning and photographing can significantly reduce the quality of the image, which also makes it difficult for our specialists to perform the analysis.



The best panoramic image is a digital one. You can send it to e-mail info@dentistry.by or via Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp + 375 29 252 57 62. Within 1-2 working days, we will send you a conclusion on the image together with the treatment plan.