Emax veneers in Minsk. Ceramic press system and composites


Did your enamel darken? Did the tooth enamel chip off? Did the teeth begin to break and diverge? We have an effective solution for the correction of the listed defects! Dentistry offers dental restoration using veneers, owing to which anyone who cares about their appearance can boast of their dazzling smile.

For the first time this service appeared in Belarus twenty years ago, and since then it is a reliable and affordable way of tooth rehabilitation. The technology of veneering is often called microprosthetics, since the dentist removes a small layer of tooth enamel to create a relief sufficient to secure the plate firmly to the tooth. Unlike classical prosthetics, aesthetic restoration using veneers is one of the most preserving – the tooth of concern, as well as neighboring teeth, are milled minimally or not milled at all! During the treatment, the gum is also intact, and the tooth surface under the plate will be safely protected from caries in the future.


Types of veneers and making process

In Dentistry, we use composite and ceramic veneers to restore teeth. Before the beginning of the work, the patient is provided with professional hygiene (tooth cleaning with ultrasound), and caries are treated.

During the first appointment, the doctor chooses the color and shape of the plate, removes the enamel of the tooth surface and picks up the impression. A filling mass, which does not tarnish even in case of coffee binge or smoking, is used for composite veneers Such veneers are made directly at the physician’s office, and the patient can always choose the necessary color tone. This type of veneers is perfectly suitable for small-volume restoration and is available for more affordable price.



Veneers made of pressed ceramics (Emax veneers)

Ceramic veneers are made of special porcelain. Not only a therapist, but also an orthopedist and dental technicians work on making of such veneers.

Veneers made of pressed ceramics are the newest technique, which is become more and more popular in Belarus. This type of veneers is also known as metal-free veneers and is marked by the abbreviation Emax. According to our clinic’s statistics, the number of patients seeking for the placement of metal-free veneers has increased almost 4 times in 2017! This fast-growing popularity is explained the fact that when Emax veneers are placed, teeth are not milled. Moreover, the material does not change color over time (even if a patient smokes and drinks much coffee) and does not wear off due to occlusal loading. But the final cost of the work is much higher than that of the composite.


veneers special offer


Dentistry offers its clients purely the best conditions and the most affordable prices. Major advantages of our dental clinic include:

  • therapists and orthopedists have extensive practical experience;
  • all our experts have the first and highest qualification grades;
  • the in-house dental laboratory, which allows us to have full control of and responsibility for the making of veneers;
  • we use the most advanced materials certified in the Republic of Belarus;
  • smart organization of the process excludes any waiting lines.


Attention! Before you begin to plan the placement of veneers, please read the list of contraindications carefully:

  • abnormal occlusion;
  • pathological tooth abrasion;
  • missing buccal teeth;
  • large fillings on the internal side of the tooth or severe tooth destruction from the internal side;
  • veneers are not placed on teeth that were previously treated with resorcinol–formaldehyde resin.


You can be remotely consulted by our specialists for free! Just send your X-ray and 2-3 photos of your teeth (when you smile and when you clench your teeth) by email to info@dentistry.by or via Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp +375 29 252 57 62. The therapist, orthopedist and dental technicians will review your data and provide a conclusion within 1-2 days.