Dental care in Minsk. Getting rid of dental caries and toothache

A systematic and timely visit to the dentist guarantees not only a healthy and beautiful smile, but also helps to save a fair amount of money if you need a subsequent treatment. However, the current pace of life does not often allow us to spend extra two hours for a visit to the dental clinic. Alas, many people leave it too late and come to the doctor when they already have severe dental problems. It is therefore extremely important to reach out to a professional immediately when a problem occurs. A visit to the dentist once a year, even if nothing bothers you, must become the great thing.


dental care in Minsk


Сaries and root canal treatment in Minsk

Caries is the most common human disease (reported in 93% of the population). Bacterial plaque is the ultimate cause of caries. The disease can damage hard tissues of teeth and lead to oral mucosa lesions. It is worth noting that it is very hard to distinguish early caries lesions on your own, that is why a timely visit to the doctor will help to recognize and treat the disease.

In our clinic, caries treatment is performed by using modern equipment and materials. The treatment procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so it is painless. The area of the tooth inflammation is eliminated, and the cavity formed is filled.

If no caries treatment is performed in time, deeper layers of the affected tooth begin to decay. Enamel and dentin get destroyed, and then caries penetrates into pulp. Such a disease is called pulpitis and it is already much more difficult to treat than the general caries. The symptom of pulpitis includes acute pain localized in the tooth. Treatment of pulpitis involves dental anesthesia, elimination of inflammation, necessary manipulations to manage pain and prevent further development of periodontitis, restoration of the function and integrity of the tooth structure.


development of caries


If untreated, pulpitis quickly develops into periodontitis – inflammation of periodontal and adjacent tissues. This disease is a medical emergency, since it causes acute pain. Its treatment involves the removal of the damaged pulp, cleaning and filling of root canals, as well as mandatory antiseptic treatment of periapical tissues. The treatment of periodontitis is a long-term one, and depends on the grade of tissue lesion. The patient usually needs several visits to the doctor.

In addition to the treatment of caries, pulpitis and periodontitis, our experienced dental therapists are also keen to help you with treatment of other oral diseases:

The clinic also receives family and children patients on weekends. Our children patient are treated by the best dentists. Your child will have only the best experience of visiting the doctor!


after dental treatment






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