Dental implantation in Minsk. Description of techniques and abilities

Dental implantation

Today, the classic implantation is not less popular restoration technique than any other one. The best Belarusian dental surgeons and orthopedics will help you to obtain a healthy smile in the shortest possible time.

This type of implantation is a two- or three-stage implantation (if sinus lifting is performed). At the first stage, the implant is placed to the jaw, and dental prosthetics occurs only 6-12 months after complete bone-implant healing. The major advantages of classical implantation include reduction of risks of dental implant failure and long life time. When an implant has been placed in a proper way, and the patient proper care of it, the implant with crown will serve for 20-25 years.


dental implantation abroad


Implantation stages

Preparation for implantation is the most important stage. Using X-ray and computed tomography of the maxillofacial area, the dental surgeon examines the size and density of the patient’s bone tissue. In case of bone tissue deficiency in the lateral parts of the jaw, a decision will be made whether to implant using the All-On-4 or maxillary sinus floor augmentation technique. In addition, at the preparation stage it is necessary to perform the full mouth debridement, to cure teeth and gums, if necessary, to remove the affected teeth and old crowns in order to eliminate risks of post-operative inflammation.



The second stage of implantation includes placement of implants into the bone tissue. The implant placement is performed without any incisions on the gums, which is good for faster healing. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, and is completely painless. The placement of one implant lasts for about 30 minutes. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns can be placed only after a complete engraftment of implants, not earlier than in six months.

When the implant is fully taken, it is exposed: the implant cap is removed and an abutment is placed: it is a link between the implant and denture. Impressions are then picked up, and permanent dentures are made (porcelain-fused-to-metal or zirconium crowns).


implant supported porcelain fused to metal crown


After implantation, the likelihood of complications is minimal, if the patient follows simple rules. To eliminate the risk of post-operative inflammation at the operation site, broad-spectrum antibiotics anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as rinsing solutions are prescribed to the patient. Simple dietary intervention (the absence of excessively hard, hot and cold food in the diet) will exclude the possibility of displacement of the dental implant.


Cost of implantation in Belarus

The price of implantation depends on the complexity of the treatment, the individual characteristics of the jaw, the need for bone grafting and the implant itself. You can find the price list for implantation in the section “Prices”.

To have a dental implantation made in Minsk, you need to contact the customer service and send them your X-ray. We will help you determine the terms of treatment, schedule consultations with the best specialists, calculate the cost of implantation.

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