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Basal implantation


There’s no point in waiting for the dental restoration for months ! Now you have the opportunity to have a one-stage basal dental implantation, which has been successfully used in Belarus since 2008. This technology has passed all necessary clinical trials and is certified by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

We perform basal dental implantation using the ROOTT materials. This procedure is completely safe and has earned a lot of respect from doctors and patients. Customer feedback and notes of acknowledgement given to the Dentistry professionals are the best demonstration of that.


basal implantation Belarus


Description of the technique. Warranties

The ROOTT implants are manufactured in the territory of the European Union (Republic of Lithuania) and are certified in Switzerland.

The implant is made of high-quality biocompatible titanium, which significantly reduces the probability of the structure failure. In our practice, we use the most advanced tapered- shaped ROOTT implants, which allow us to achieve the highest possible result.


One-stage implantation is suitable for patients with a bone size of at least 5 mm, in case of periodontitis, large or complete loss of teeth for a long period of time (five to twenty years). None gum incision during the operation is the great virtue this procedure –implants are placed through small punctures. As a result, there is no injury of gum and bone structure, and the patient does not have severe post-operative facial edema. A significant advantage of the technique also includes the discontinuation of reduced bone tissue of the jaw, and the masticatory function recovery immediately after the placement of crowns.

The duration of prosthetics on implants is reduced to 5-7 days without violation of the quality of technology! Within a week after the implant placement, you will be able to enjoy the excellent result of the work performed by doctors and dental technicians. We recommend all our potential Clients to pay attention to the results of our work at one-stage implantation:


healing after dental implantation

gums after implantation



Dentistry provides its customers with warranty cover: in case of dental implant failure within 12 post-operative months, the clinic will replace the defected implants for free. This provision is reported in the agreement with the patient. We draw your attention to the fact that Russian is the language of medical documentation in Belarus according to the Belarusian laws. We can translate medical documents into English and apostillize them, if necessary.



Indications for basal dental implantation

Basal dental implantation will be offered by the dentist only after a thorough analysis of the problem and risk assessment based on the patient’s X-ray and computerized tomography. The decision is made by the consensus of an implant surgeon, orthopedist and dental therapist.

Our clinic has strict requirements to the medical service quality.
“Immediate dental care” is not our practice! It is import for us to obtain excellent results in the mid- and long-term perspective, rather than to perform reoperations in 3-12 months.

An analysis of the websites of many dental clinics and forums has resulted in an alarming trend: information on basal dental implantation is often given as the solution of dental problems in all and every cases. This is a huge mistake! The basal dental implantation, as well as any medical treatment, must be assigned as clinically warranted.



Popular myths about basal implantation

The basal implantation is suitable for every patient, the bone size is of no importance, implants can placed even on the missing bone. This is the most common misconception about the basal dental implantation. Regardless of the implantation technique, a doctor needs to study the case. That is the reason for our requests for the X-ray and computed tomography (3D). If the bone size is very small (up to 5 mm), then we can offer you an alternative technology – All-on-four/six treatment.

The size factor of bone tissue is very important for the upper jaw, i.e. the process of atrophy is most often observed on it due to its physiological features. In this case, the patient has the following treatment options: All-on-4/6 implantation, maxillary sinus floor augmentation with the subsequent implantation in 3-12 months; maxillary sinus floor augmentation and making of removable dentures. In 85-90% of cases, the lower jaw already fits to basal dental implantation.

It is important to remember that there are no technologies, allowing the implant placement to bones of an extremely small size, in the world yet!

The basal dental implantation can be performed when a single missing teeth is replaced. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In this case, the classical method should be applied (two- or three- stage implantation). The one-stage implantation will be performed if three (less often, two) and more teeth in a row are missing. This is attributed to the fact that a uniform distribution of the load on the implants is required, and this becomes challenging in case of one-stage implant placement.

“Basal implantation in 3 days.” In fact, this thesis applies to implantation least of all, because the process of implant placement, depending on the amount of work, lasts from 1 to 3 hours. The term “basal implantation” should be considered not only as an implant placement, but as a comprehensive process with subsequent prosthetics. The expedition of prosthetics depends on such factors as the orthopedic staff in the clinic, their professional experience; availability of in-house dental laboratory and its workload. As a rule, leading clinics have a constant patient stream, which affects the workload of doctors and dental technicians. If the patient was looking for a small amount of services (for example, the installation of three implants), then the solution of the problem is theoretically possible in three days. If one or two jaws are implanted in full, it is impossible to render a high-quality service in less than 5-7 days. “Implantation in three days” is the motto of admen, not dentists.

Basal implantation can be done at any clinic. Basal dental implantation requires elaborate preparations. Leading clinics, including Dentistry, place their employees for training courses or invite already acknowledged experts to teach master classes. When you search for dental centers, you should pay attention to their experience in basal dental implantation and the qualification of surgeons and orthopedists.


Dentistry is the personnel of skilled professionals in the field of basal implantation

Our clinic was the first in Belarus (since 2008) to work with the ROOTT implants. All doctors completed multiple training and advanced training course. For ten years of active practice of basal implantation, we have gained vast experience and can offer solutions in the most complicated cases!


dental implants in upper and lower jaw

edentulous upper jaw

dental implants in the upper jaw




Why is prosthetics performed with metal acrylic crowns?

Dental prosthetics with metal acrylic crowns is associated with the basal implantation technique requiring immediate occlusal loading. During the first year from the moment of implant placement, they integrate into the bone tissue: implants can slightly graviate into the bone. As a consequence, their initial position and crown position change. Given the physical properties of acrylic, the crown positions itself in a new way without losing its qualities. The subsequent correction of such a prosthetic denture does not cause any difficulty: it is possible to make instant changes in work right in the doctor’s office, while fitting the frame. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, due to their characteristics, do not allow for correction, since it will chip at the slightest mechanical impact. Metal acrylic crowns can be replaced with porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns within five years after the said procedure.


implants in the lower jaw



Cost of basal implantation in Belarus

The cost of basal implantation in Dentistry has an obvious advantage over the offers of many clinics in Minsk, as well as in Russia, Israel, countries of the European Union and North America.

All-in-one implantation of one tooth (an implant and a crown, work of doctors)440 USD


All-in-one implantation of one jaw (8-10 implants, 14 crowns, work of a surgeon, orthopedist and dental technician)3,100 USD (discounted price!)


All-in-one full-mouth implantation (14-20 implants, 28 crowns, the work of a surgeon, orthopedist and dental technician)6,200 USD (discounted price!)



Detailed price list for dental implantation services is available here. Payment is made by Visa, Maestro and MasterCard international bank card; by bank transfer in USD or EUR; in cash in Belarusian rubles.

акция на имплантацию


Preparation for implantation

Before the implantation, the patient undergoes mandatory medical examination, which will show the actual body state and the absence of contraindications to the operation. The following tests should be performed in 7-10 days before the implantation:

  1. Complete blood count (hematology panel with differential blood count);
  2. Blood glucose test and coagulation analysis;
  3. Hepatitis B and C blood tests;
  4. Local anesthetic (ultracaine, ubestesin, scandonest) and metal (titanium, cobalt, chromium, nickel) allergy testing — only if you have had allergic reactions in the past;
  5. Serological screening tests for HIV/AIDS and syphilis;
  6. Blood chemistry – AST, ALT, urea, creatinine, bilirubin, calcium, sodium, phosphorus.
  7. It is also necessary to undergo ECG and thyroid ultrasound. In case of thyroid dysfunction, the endocrinologist and your family doctor should draw a conclusion that there are no contraindications to implantation. It is allowed for ultrasound and ECG to have a monthly period of validity.


Анализы для имплантации (скачайте в pdf и передайте медработнику в диагностической лаборатории)


If you can’t undergo an examination at your place of residence, we can arrange the delivery of medical tests in Minsk on the premises of the partner laboratory 1-2 days before the operation.



We do organize treatment with no loss of money and time

Do you want your dental treatment outcome to be the most positive one? Do not you want to lose your time waiting in lines? Then the following information is for you:

  1. Contact us in any convenient way: by email; phone +375 29 252 57 30, via Telegram, Viber or WhatsApp +375 29 252 57 62, querying by form at the bottom of the page.
  2. Describe your problem and the desired result.
  3. Send us a your X-ray or computed tomography scan (the information on the best type of an panoramic image you can find out in this article. Comments on the tomography scan are given below).
  4. Wait for the answer of the expert and discuss all the details concerning the medical problem.
  5. Your data will be studied by an implant surgeon, orthopedist and therapist in detail within 1-2 working days. In complex cases, we invite a maxillofacial surgeon to join our case conference.
  6. Following the results of your case study, we will inform you of a detailed treatment plan with an indication of the treatment duration and cost.
  7. Please, discuss the expected dates of your arrival for treatment, as well as all main organizational issues (ticket booking, tests, tariff plans for case management). By clicking the image below, can have a look at the catalog of apartments within walking distance of our clinic:


операция базальная имплантация проживание


Where can I have a CT made? What form of tomography is better?

For the analysis of the possibility of basal implantation, we also request the CT data together with a X-ray. This is due to the need to assess the size of the jaw bone, presence of sinusitis and cysts.

It is more convenient to have a CT made at your place of residence. First of all, this protect you from unforeseen consequences upon arrival in Minsk. If you can not find a clinic where you can have a tomography scan made, please, contact us for assistance.

Before you undergo a tomography, we ask you to check with the administrators about the program used in the clinic. The matter is that some dental centers use unlicensed software. When working with these programs, our doctors often can not open the file and read data.

In order to ensure that we can provide a full and prompt response within one to two working days, we recommend you to undergo a survey, in which one of the following programs is used:

— Planmeca (Romexis);
— Galileos (Sirona);
— Icat Vision;
— EZ 3D.


Entrust dental problems to the Dentistry experts!




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