All-on-4, all-on-6 implants in Belarus. Up-to-date information

All-on-4-6 implantation

We have become the leading clinic in Belarus over the past five years. More than 3,000 patients visited us and obtained an excellent smile. Smart preliminary organization of medical treatment allowed Clients to optimize travel and accommodation expenses, and regular actions – to reduce treatment expenses.

In the assessment of risks during the preliminary study of the X-ray and computed tomography, specialists often observed the problematic severe bone atrophy in the lateral parts of the upper jaw, which did not always allow to perform a one-stage implantation with no risks. As a result, patients were offered a different implantation technique.

Nowadays this problem has become a thing of the past! Our dental center works using the innovative “all-on-four/six” implantation technology. It is worldwide known as the patented All-On-4/6 brand.


The All-on-4/6 implantation technique in Belarus

What is the new method? When implantation is performed according to the “all-on-4/6” procedure, we use already proven implants of the Swiss brand ROOTT.

It differs from other implantation techniques in that two last-in-a-row implants are always placed at the corners, and the central ones — in the vertical position. The tops of the implants (abutments) do also differ — in the new system, they are positioned at an angle and are called multi-unite abutments. The tapered design of implants allows to minimize the risks of inflammation and tooth mobility under active occlusal loading thereafter.

Further, as in the case of a one-stage technique, an integral bridge with 12-14 metal acrylic crowns is placed on the implants. The whole process of implant and crown placement is shown on the diagram:


dental implant procedure

dental implantation in Minsk

dental all-on-6 implants


Attention! Despite the fact that prosthetics are carried out in one step, the all-on-4/6 implantation is out of all relations to the basal one. The implants used with multi-unite abutments are a modification of the classical method.

In case of all-on-4 implantation, the final denture is shortened – there are 10 crowns only. For the upper jaw prosthesis is performed by a single bridge from tooth No.15 to No.25; for the bottom – from tooth No. 35 to No. 45. For all-on-6 implantation, dental prosthetics is performed in full – 12-14 crowns per a jaw.


Advantages of All-On-4/6

The major advantages of All-On-4 and All-On-6 implantation and dental prosthetics is that it can be used if a patient suffers from sinusitis and bone atrophy in lateral parts of the jaw. This means that this technique allows omitting sinus lifting in 95% of cases, that essentially reduces timing and cost of work. All totaled, you can save up to 15,000 US dollars!



Due to the usage of the implant designed with multi-unite abutments, the all-on-four/six technology allows to perform operations on patients with significant occlusion disturbance. The patient has occlusal rehabilitation had and obtains reliable result with excellent aesthetics.



In most cases, we place six implants to increase the reliability of the result. If the initial clinical situation does not allow us to implant six units (in case of severe bone atrophy in the lateral parts of the jaw, as well as in case of other indications), we will perform all-on-four implantation.


Stages of All-On-4/6 implantation

Taking into account the increasing popularity of all-on-4/6 technique in Belarus, we recommend planning a visit to our clinic in advance. Send us a X-ray and computer tomography to our e-mail and wait for the preliminary treatment plan that will sent to you within 1-2 days. Our Customer Support works even on weekends and holidays! Once all the organizational issues have been agreed upon, we will be able to have you at our clinic and solve your problem once and for all.

The possibilities of the clinic and in-house dental laboratory allow to perform high-quality dental prosthetics in 5 days only.



Before the operation you will have a final consultation visit to our surgeon and orthopedist and undergo the procedure of professional hygiene of the oral cavity. The implantation itself lasts from one to three hours, it is pain-free and performed under local anesthesia. During the operation, the surgeon checks with the CT data to select the exact and safe place to place the implants. After implantation the orthopedist removes pick-up impression and transfers them to the dental laboratory for making crowns.

The first fitting of dentures is performed on the second-third day from the implant placement, and you get the finished denture on the fifth day. You and your loved ones will be amazed by the treatment outcomes!


types of dental implants


It is possible to replace metal acrylic crowns with porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns in 1-1,5 years. If you follow all medical recommendations, your denture will serve for a total of up to 20-25 years!


Cost of All-On-4/6 in Minsk

We offer an implantation on the All-On-4/6 technique on special:


dental implants special offer


The specified cost includes the implant placement, the making of crowns, all the work of doctors and dental technicians. An annual warranty is applied to implantation and prosthetics.




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