Customer Service

Dentistry offers its non-resident and foreign patients the opportunity to take advantage of comprehensive treatment services in Minsk. With an eye on our practical experience and customer preferences, we have developed six service plans.

You can choose any service you like. In any case, we will give you a medical treatment plan based on your clinical history free of charge, we will appoint your first visit to the doctor, and we will book an apartment for your accommodation during the treatment period.

You can pay for services by one of the ways listed below:

-  in cash in Belarusian rubles (BYN) upon your arrival in Minsk. In this case, any advanced payment is not required;

- by bank transfer to the current account. We will send you the Medical service contract and the invoice in advance;

-  online by international credit card. If you choose to pay by such a way, please, read the instructions

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