The most frequently asked questions about dental treatment
1I plan a dental implantation to be performed in Minsk. I have earlier sent you a X-ray. I received the answer that the image was insufficient to perform a full analysis. You asked me to make a tomography of the jaw. Can you explain me, please, what is the reason for that?
To determine the possibility of basal dental implantation, our specialists, in order to be sure, request the results of computed tomography. This is due to the fact that a X-ray does not allow to determine the exact bone size, as well as condition of the maxillary sinuses. These parameters can be examined using the CT only.
2I did a CT in my town. The result showed that my bone size is 6.2 mm. Can I have the basal implantation performed in this case?
When you have such an index of the of bone size, the basal dental implantation can be performed. For the final decision to be made, please, send us your tomography and X-ray, our professionals will take a closer look at your case. You will be notified of the decision by phone or email.
3How many years has basal implantation been performed in Minsk? Are there any statistics about dental implant failures?
The technology of basal implantation has been practiced in Minsk since 2008. Since that time, professionals have been reporting continuous statistics of dental implant failures in patients. As per today, dental implant failures reported in 3.65% of cases.
4I am going on vacation to Minsk soon, and I want to combine my holidays with dental care. Is it possible to make an appointment at your clinic and have the implantation be done off hand?
We practice a pre-appointment of our clients. This is due to the popularity of the clinic among both Belarusian and foreign patients. For this purpose, we do always ask you to prearrange your treatment. You can send your X-ray at right now. The image will be analyzed by the head specialist for the possibility of one-stage implantation. If this method meets your case, we will offer you available dates for the operation.
5Is a bone block transplantation procedure performed in Belarus?
Yes, this procedure is performed by oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the most extreme cases, when a serious bone atrophy on the lower jaw is evident. Such operations are performed under inpatient treatment only.
6Выдаете ли вы больничный?
К сожалению, нет.
7Do you help with accommodation in Minsk? Which option is better: serviced apartment or hotel?
Yes, we do help. The best option is the serviced apartment near our clinic. For your special benefit, we have written a detailed article about the accommodation options during the treatment period (copy the address and follow the link):
8I have talked to about the dental curing treatment and charges scheme. According to your data, in Minsk, full mouth rehabilitation with basal implants will take 7 days and cost me $6,300. Does this sum include any hidden payments? Do I have to pay extra?
The specified cost of our services is the final one, and it is fixed even before your arrival in Minsk. We do not have any “hidden” payments and do not charge any commissions.
9How can I pay for treatment, accommodation and client support services?
Treatment services shall be paid according to the price list in effect on the due date in cash (in Belarusian rubles) or by an international bank card. We accept the following cards: Visa, Maestro, MasterCard. Accompanying services and accommodation shall be paid in cash or by bank card. In all cases, you will sign services agreement and receive a certificate of guarantee of the clinic, as well as documents confirming your accommodation costs.
10Why are metal acrylic crowns, but not porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns used for basal dental implantation?
Dental prosthetics with metal acrylic crowns is associated with the basal dental implantation technique requiring immediate occlusal loading. Correction of work on metal acrylic crowns causes no difficulties: it is possible to make instant changes in work, while fitting the frame. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, due to their characteristics, do not allow for correction, since it will chip at the slightest mechanical impact. It is possible to replace metal acrylic crowns with porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns 1-1.5 years after the said procedure.
11Does your clinic give a patient a warranty on the work performed?
Our clinic provides a 12-month warranty for all types of services: implantation (warranty for the implants themselves is provided by their manufacturers), prosthetics on implants. If within a year from the moment of an implant placement a dental implant failure occurs, we will provide a full complex re-treatment for free.
12What type of anesthesia is used during implantation? Can I have general anesthesia?
Dental implantation is performed under local anesthesia. Our clinic does not practice the general anesthesia.
13Являюсь гражданином РФ. Могу ли я получить налоговой вычет после лечения в Беларуси?
Как показывает практика, многие наши Клиенты-граждане Российской Федерации получают налоговой вычет после лечения. Наша бухгалтерия подготовит для Вас все подтверждающие документы.